Project countries

Name Mentor Sec.m. Student
1. A binding to R Argentina UK/Argentina, India, .
2. ARM jitter for Squeak VM USA Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Germany
3. Big data CSV parser plugin Argentina Czech rep., Czech rep., Ukraine, US, .
4. Bootstrapping the core France Argentina, Argentina, France, Argentina
5. Bring RoarVM-ideas to the standard SqueakVM stack-interpreter Belgium Germany, India, .
6. Community-wide VM Performance tracking Belgium India, Russia, .
7. Concrete Type Inference -- Call graph UK/Argentina France, Argentina, Argentina
8. CSS Template System Argentina Argentina, Ecuador, Slovenia, Vietnam, .
9. ePUB Output for Pier Books UK Switzerland, Czech rep., India, .
10. Esse, a framework for visualizing, storing and exploring ideas Russia Germany, Russia, Russia, Russia, Slovenia, Vietnam, Russia
11. Export Excel files and other spreadsheet related goodies Russia Argentina, Ecuador, India, India, MA, Russia, US, India
12. Extend Magritte 3 to create Naked Objects style interfaces Netherlands Ireland, Argentina, Czech rep., Germany, .
13. External Image Database Catalonia USA, .
14. Finish Physical Etoys port to Sugar Argentina Germany, Argentina,
15. Get Etoys image to run on CogVM Sweden Germany, India, .
16. HDF5 support Argentina India, .
17. Image provisioning tool France Argentina, .
18. Improving Squeak/Pharo support for running on multicores on the RoarVM Belgium Sweden, US, .
19. Improving the Smalltalk GSoC Website Slovenia Argentina, Argentina, Czech rep., India, India, India, Slovenia, .
20. Integrate Gezira into Squeak/Pharo Canada USA, .
21. Interactive & social online Smalltalk tutorial Argentina Argentina, Argentina, MA, Argentina
22. Make web browser plugin of Squeak work better on all platforms Sweden Germany, Croatia, Czech rep., Ukraine, USA, Vietnam, .
23. Minimal virtual machine USA USA, China, USA, .
24. MMI (Man-Machine Interface) with Amber Russia MA, Russia, Russia
25. Nautilus France France, France
26. Object memory modularization USA Argentina, Russia, .
27. Package management with Fuel France Argentina, Argentina, Argentina
28. Port OpenQwaq video to Etoys Sweden Germany, India, .
29. Rizel - Multidimensional Profiler Chile Chile, Chile
30. SciSmalltalk France Egypt, India, MA, Malaysia, Russia, USA, USA, USA
31. Search Indexing of Smalltalk image USA Malaysia, India, Malaysia, Malaysia, Sweden, Vietnam, .
32. TestSurgeon Chile Russia, Chile, Chile