Bootstrapping the core

Mentor: Stéphane Ducasse
Second mentor: Edgar De Cleene
Level: Advanced
Accepted student: Guillermo Polito
Invited students: Guillermo Polito
Students interested: Guillermo Polito(very), , Benjamin Van Ryseghem


Hazelnut is part of the Seed project which goal is to bootstrap the system.

Technical Details

Ensure the validity of the created kernel and also improved the serialization mechanism. The goal is to clarify and ensure a creation mechanism which can be applied to a dynamically generated kernel or to a statically describe kernel as well.

Benefits to the Student

Deep understanding of the system layouts, of the kernel definition, of the meta model and the reflexivity of the system. The student will also learn the object format and the basic of the VM use.

Benefits to the Community

The community will gain a way to bootstrap a new fresh kernel from an existing image or from a kernel description. It could also be used to generate minimal kernel used for embedded technology.

Updated: 31.3.2012