Esse, a framework for visualizing, storing and exploring ideas

Mentor: Dennis Schetinin
Second mentor: Alexander Lazarevic
Level: Intermediate
Accepted student: Paul Kuzovkin
Invited students: Paul Kuzovkin
Students interested: Paul Kuzovkin(very), Artem Semikov(very), Amadej Javornik, Rustem Khubbatov


Simply put, this is a framework for building presentations of a new generation. Somewhat similar to http://prezi.com, but even more advanced in perspective. The emphasis is on supporting thinking processes, saving, evolving, presenting and sharing ideas.

Technical Details

A possible result for the project can be described as follows:

  • an unbounded workspace that can be visualized and browsed with a camera metaphor (including panning, zooming, rotating operations)
  • set of conventional graphics primitives to build presentations (like text, boxes, pictures, arrows, etc.)
  • a capability to put any morph in the workspace
  • creating paths for camera, animations
  • tools to control presentation and change it "on-the-fly"

Morphic seems to be the main subject of the project at the current stage.

Benefits to the Student

The student will learn Morphic, practice in building GUI applications/frameworks, improve Smalltalk programming skills.

Benefits to the Community

  • Morphic, GUI improvements
  • Unbounded workspace conception looks great as a basis for future development environment
  • Looking forward, popularize Smalltalk by presenting some benefits of its live object environment

Updated: 23.3.2012