Improving the Smalltalk GSoC Website

Mentor: Janko Mivšek
Second mentor: Carla Griggio
Level: Beginner
Invited students: Amadej Javornik, Sanchit Mittal
Students interested: Sanchit Mittal(very), tarun bansal, Amadej Javornik, Santiago Bragagnolo(lightly), Jiri Srejber(lightly)


Our special website for Smalltalk GSoC (gsoc2012.esug.org and completed past gsoc2010.esug.org) has a public and administration part to help running the annual GSoC process smoothly. It helps students, mentors and administrators in all phases, from collection of ideas, preparing the projects, inviting the students, pairing them with the projects, voting, running the projects with the interim and final evaluation. This project is meant to improve both public and administration part of the website to ease work for everyone and to upgrade it to the most modern web technologies.

Technical details

Possible improvements: Facebook like timelime of personal page adding realtime updates (using WebSockets), notifications by email, more HTML5 support, improving the administration interface, collection of project
ideas by proposers directly, integration with the Google GSoC site and mentors and students mailing list, REST API, mobile app, ...

Benefit for the Student

Getting in touch with current bleeding edge of the Smalltalk web technologies with Aida/Web framework and Amber Smalltalk. Contributing to the community with valuable and immediately useful work.

Benefit for the Community

Well and easier run GSoC process, with a good website, up-to date with modern web technologies, is important for us to improve our visibility and have a showcase of our strengths on the web field to the broader open source community.

Updated: 18.3.2012