Port OpenQwaq video to Etoys

Mentor: Karl Ramberg
Second mentor: Bert Freudenberg
Level: Advanced
Invited students: vipin tiwari
Students interested: vipin tiwari(very)


OpenQwaq support many video playback formats. Etoys support a few quite odd formats and this hinders use of video with Etoys. Formats such as H.264 is standard on the web and Etoys could playback and post on for example YouTube.

Benefit for the Student

Work with underbelly of both the VM and image to support good state of the art video playback / recording.

Benefit for the Community

We would be able to use and make videos from Etoys. Many sites have great educational videos posted. Being able to annotate and interact with this would make a great tool for students and teachers.

Updated: 18.3.2012