Concrete Type Inference -- Call graph

(Student proposal by Santiago Bragagnolo)

Mentor: Francisco Garau
Second mentor: Stéphane Ducasse
Level: Advanced
Accepted student: Santiago Bragagnolo
Invited students: Santiago Bragagnolo
Students interested: Santiago Bragagnolo(very)


     Enhance Francisco Garau's implementation of Concrete Type Inference to analize complex expressions.

    Make a full queriable call graph from a given expression.


Technical Details

    Runtime emulation, algorithm implementation enhancement.


Benefits to the Student

  • Learn about type inference

  • Learn about runtime emulation

  • Learn about VM execution


Benefits to the Community

  • Get a queriable call graph that can be used to make

    • Performance optimization like:

      • Inline bytecode compilation

      • JIT Compiling from a graph of methods

    • Code organization

      • Dependencies analisis

    • Program behavior analisis

      • Automatic dynamic diagrams (Like sequence diagram)

    • Automatizations

      • Magritte descriptions

      • Stress Test

Updated: 2.4.2012