MMI (Man-Machine Interface) with Amber

Mentor: Dennis Schetinin
Second mentor:
Level: Intermediate
Accepted student: Rustem Khubbatov
Invited students: Rustem Khubbatov
Students interested: Rustem Khubbatov(very), saad touhbi(no biography!!!)

(Student proposal by Rustem Khubbatov)


A framework for building Man-Machine Interfaces with Pharo back-end providing model, and presentation front-end in Amber.

Technical Details

A concrete task that should be implemented with this project is a prototype of UI for network management system or SCADA. Server-side (Pharo) will simulate network components and their data, and provide relevant events for client (Amber). The latter will present network items, their state and associated information, and provide UI to control them. An important part of this system is a communication layer between Amber and Pharo.

Benefits for the Student

The student will gain experience in building client-server applications with advanced UI and providing two-way communication between client and server.

Benefits for the Community

An ability to create highly interactive web-based applications is a must-have feature for any modern development system. Amber is a bleeding edge in this area in Smalltalk world. A good communication layer between Amber and (for example) Pharo is a very appealing decision for building complex client-server systems. 

Updated: 3.4.2012