Proposal by vipin tiwari for Port OpenQwaq video to Etoys

Proposed by vipin tiwari (profile, biography) Don't forget to submit this proposal to official Google Melange site too!

The plan is to develop a H.264 streaming player, by receiving network packets with H.264 frames.

For that a H.264 video decoder has to be written in the Etoy environment.

I will have to find what Etoy component will support to play the raw H.264 video frames.

I will have to determine how the H.264 frames are wrapped in which MPEG-4 container. 

Then i will have to write my own MF components to parse my protocol and container and then have to offer and then have to offer the raw frames to the H.264 decoder above.





April 8th – April 22nd

          Keep in touch with the community, in case further details about my proposal are required by the community.

          During this period, there will be my end semester examinations.


April 23th – May 23rd

          Get in touch with my mentor, work out project plan, schedule meetings, and ask questions.

          Make myself familiar with the community environment.

          Start with Etoy source code.

          Discuss with my mentor, about any improvements or changes in the idea about how the things are to be implemented.

         To make a more concrete idea and methodology to work upon,with the help of the mentor.


May 24th – July 13nd

         Start looking at working of the H.264 decoder.

         How the decoder can be written for the Etoy.

         MF components reuirede to write.

         Start writing the codes with the step by step progress.


Mid Term Evaluation

July 15th – August 3rd

          Writing code for the detection of that specified (Drag) finger gesture on MT-surface.

          Invoking selected file transfer via Bluetooth to the android paired device.


August 4th – August 15th

          Testing and debugging of the codes. 

 August 16th – August 22nd

          This is left for any delay occurred or any unpredicted situation.




                 We will be able to run the H.264 videos on the Etoy which will be very helpful for interactive learning of students. Video lectures of teachers can be easily streamed.

Other Information

Name: Vipinkumar Tiwari


Location: Nagpur, India

Time zone:- UTC+5:30

Age: 21

Education/Qualification: Pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Nagpur, India. Currently  studying in 3rd year.

Technical Skills:

 Languages: Java, C, C++, Android plugins for java, Data structures, QuartusII, 8085 Assembly Language, HTML.

 Platforms: MS Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA/7, Ubuntu


          Android App. with the motivation and interaction of GLOBAL-LOGIC company to tag the persons in the image and filter the images on the basis of names of the tagged persons. Android Graphics, Interface, GUI.(Used the face detection and face recognition concept for the application).


                                        i) Graphics properties and formats of images.

                                       ii) DCT of an image for feature Extraction.

          FACE RECOGNITION:-  i)Cuckoo search algorithm used for Feature Selection

                                          ii) Bacterial Foraging Optimization algorithm used in Feature Selection.


i)                     Hidden Markovs Model for scanning.




I,m very eager to work on this proposal. Working on building such an interface is enthusiastic. This project will help open community tremendously and will create new form of interaction between android phones and window pc. Once successful it can be implemented for Linux also. It will be of great use in the Office presentation and easy file sharing.





Updated: 5.4.2012