Biography for vipin tiwari

I'm Vipinkumar Tiwari,India


I'm pursuing my B.Tech in electronics and communication engineering from one of the reputed university in india National Institute of Technology,Nagpur.


My main interest is in the image processing and have done a couple of projects related with it.I had experience with image formats and and packaging when i was working on FPGA based image processing project where i had to import the images from the pc to the FPGA kit. I have also done project on 


                                                     i) Hidden Markovs Model for scanning.


                                                     i)Cuckko search algorithm used for Feature Selection.   

                                                    ii)Bacterial Foraging Optimization algorithm used in Feature Selection.

 Study of GPU architecture, Threading and NVIDIA’s CUDA programming Architecture.


                                 i) ATMEGA16 : Architecture and Programming.(used in Line follower Robot).

                                ii) FPGA:- Cyclone III                      

                                              a)studied the 18x18 matrix multiplication.

                                              b) Interfacing with MATLAB Simulink for FPGA.


                                           i) Graphics properties and formats of images.

                                          ii) DCT of an image for feature Extraction.

I have experience with NVIDIA's CUDA programming. 




I have actually no experience till now with small talk, but I'm a quick learner.



I'm interested in small-talks because the vision of a programming language is different for small talks. It would be exciting enough to work on very different angle of programming language.Anyways its a matter of contributing to build a different future from a new idea !! 


My one more year of engineering is remaining so I will surely be in touch with with small-talks as a user or even some hobby projects.I may even take some of the project for my final year project.

Updated: 5.4.2012