Biography for Sanchit Mittal

Briefly about me

I am a third year Material Science student from IIT Bombay (Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, Mumbai, INDIA). I spend most of the time, learning and analysing, web development-and-designing. It has been around 10 years i made my first website.

About my study

I study Material Science from IIT. Although my aims are quite away from academics, I was involved with some Professors and Research Assistants in coding related to Research Papers. Will pass out in 2014 with B.Tech and M.Tech degrees.

My interests

Interests are in Coding, Designing, Programming, Beautiful UI's, Conceptualizing the solutions. I like analysing the data, and taking out interesting inferences from it. Apart from that, i like playing piano and consulting people for their startups.

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

Virtual Stock Market, 2012:  ( )
I lead the development of Virtual Stock Market Game this year. Majority (appx 60%) of the time was spend in conceptualizing the stuff, choosing correct frameworks and some discussions with the Bombay-Stock-Exchange. The experience was awesome, we got around 20k registrations in 4 days. It covered everything from Conceptualization, Algorithm, Coding, Designing, Publicity, Social Media, Facebook API, Google Analytics, to the Prize Distribution. :)

Entrepreneurship Cell, IITB, 2011-12: ( )
In a year long tenure with this Non-Profit-Organization, had a chance to manage their web department. Had around 8 developers working under me. We did a two month research on professional web design and a month of development and came up with Made several portals, analytics tool using Google API, Social Media Integration. Eureka! 2011 was asia's largest BPlan competition, complete web based from registration to judging, was redesigned from scratch this year.

TEDx IIT Bombay, 2011: ( )
Lead the technical team for the TEDxIITB talks. LiveStreaming was made available on the website homepage.

Web Secretary, Material Science Department, IITB, 2010-11: ( )
Wrote a custom javascript CMS for the website. It was completely created from scratch and developed by me in '10. From then its improved and carried forward by the subsequent teams.

I have done a lot of other projects in JAVA, C++, MPI C++ (parallel computing) with Professors from both Material Science and Computer Science department.

My Smalltalk experiences so far

This is my first opportunity to work with Smalltalk. And i am quite enthusiastic about it.

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

My first and possibly the final chance for the GSOC, and the project 'Improving the Smalltalk GSoC website' fitted perfectly into my expertise and feel.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

Let's hope for the best. If the work allows, then that would be my pleasure. :)

Updated: 28.3.2012