Biography for Igor Lyakh

Briefly about me

I am 20 old student, studying at Chernihiv State Technological University on specialty Computer Engineering, partially working, and engaging in athletics.

About my study

In 2011 I graduated from Chernigov Radio - Mechanical College, majoring in "Maintenance of computer systems and networks" now I'm in Chernihiv State Technological University, year of graduation - 2014.

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

Last summer I was trainee for a company which is engaged in VoIP, there are different scripts I wrote on Perl, and also made ​​a web interface for a single service. Also, I have a great experience in PHP, and the development of web interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Also in the study, I use C + +. I also know a query language SQL and has recently started to learn Python.

My Smalltalk experiences so far


Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

About Smalltalk, I learned from a friend of my senior year of university, he very praised Smalltalk.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?


Updated: 6.4.2012